A Beginner's Guide to Mongolia


A Beginner's Guide to Mongolia

It may not be a country that crossed your mind to visit, but for the discerning traveller looking to expand their experiences and create some amazing memories, Mongolia should be at the top of your list.

What is often overlooked in the history of the world, is that it was Mongolia who created the first national park, and to this day the nature reserves and protected areas of this amazing country are amongst the earth’s most beautiful sights and travel must-dos. Our packages to Mongolia, offer travellers an opportunity to explore and fall in love with this magnificent country. Whether you’re a fan of picturesque landscapes, up close encounters with wildlife, or enjoying authentic local experiences, Mongolia has everything you’re looking for and more.

If you’re looking for the local experience, then all packages include visiting a true Mongolian Nomad. In some ways, life moves slowly upon the steppes, and for the nomad, little has changed in the hundreds of years they’ve lived on the land. Roughly one third of Mongolia’s population are still nomadic, living in their traditional Ger tents, working their livestock, and moving several times a year.

If you’re looking for more local experiences, then our Great Naadam package should be at the top of your bucket list. Naadam is the “three games of men” – archery, horse racing and wrestling. All three of these activities might sound fairly normal in the western world, but witnessing the Naadam Festival will give you a whole new appreciation.

Unlike western archers, who use three fingers to draw a bow and fire at a target, the Mongolian athletes use only their thumb and fire into the air, to hit targets on the ground, something western archers would definitely struggle with. Their jockeys race at breakneck speeds, covering 20 kilometers in close to ten minutes, after having walked their horses 20 kilometers to the starting line, and their wrestlers compete in a no-holds barred cross between the styles of Sumo, Mixed Martial Arts and WWF.

The Naadam Festival takes place over two days in July, and our Naadam Festival package guarantees you experiences you will not easily forget.

The landscapes of Mongolia are exquisite and include a variety of options, ranging from snow-capped mountains to the grassy plains of the Gobi Desert, an emerging city to Grand Canyon style gorges, stunning forests and national parks – and everything in between.

One destination you need to visit is the Gobi Desert which includes the Flaming Cliffs of Bayanzag, the Sand Dunes of Moltsog and Yoliin Am Gorge. This is also an amazing opportunity to see wildlife including wild horses and eagles. Gun-Galuut Nature Reserve is another wildlife haven, famed for local birdlife. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to meet and visit with local nomads, who still live the lives of their ancestors.

Terelj National Park, not far from the capital city of Ulaanbaatar, is another opportunity to see how beautiful a country can be when left untouched.

West of Ulaanbataar is Karakorum, the lost capital of Genghis Khan (Chinggis Khaan is how he’s known locally) and is a must-visit for anyone interested in history or beautiful photography. The region around Karakorum includes the Bayan Gobi sand dunes, temples, monasteries, ruins of the walled city that was the capital of the once mighty Mongol Empire and more national parks and wildlife, including the stunning Hustai National Park, a beautiful mountain-ringed forest and meadow region renowned for wildlife, including the endangered Takhi.

Much of the accommodation for travellers to Mongolia will be in the traditional Ger tent. These are remarkably comfortable and warm and offer you a unique opportunity to live like a Nomad, even for a night.

The hospitality in Mongolia is second to none, it’s considered very impolite to refuse anything offered to you, which means you’ll have ample opportunity to taste local dishes, milks and Airag, a local beverage made of fermented mares milk.

Regardless of what draws you to travel, what inspires you to see the world and what motivates you to explore, you’ll find it in Mongolia.