Taiwan Package Tours

Taiwan Package Tours from Australia

Taiwan has world-class natural landscapes such as the amazing Taroko Gorge, which is the repository of true Chinese culture. The National Palace Museum is listed as one of the five top museums in the world. Taiwan has the world’s tallest certified building called Taipei 101. It also has the highest mountain in Northeast Asia, Yushan or Jade Mountain. Taiwan boasts some of the friendliest people in the world, 24-hour bookstores and convenience shops, and bustling night markets—all of which imprint incredible memories in the minds of visitors.

Taiwan also offers a year-long series of exciting festivals such as the Lantern Festival, the Mazu (Goddess of the Sea) Culture Festival, the Ghost Festival, aborigine harvest festivals, and countless others. These events provide countless opportunities for joyful participation, and infinite chances to learn about Taiwan’s religious observances and living practices.

Taiwan is the perfect destination for all ages.