The Great Naadam Festival of Mongolia

11 Days Tour to Ulaanbaatar, Elsen Tasarkhai, Karakorum, Hustai National Park & Naadam Festival

9 day tour to Ulaanbaatar, Elsen Tasakhai, Karakorum, Hustai National Park & Naadam Festival

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Naadam Festival is the biggest festival in Mongolia. In the opening ceremony of the Naadam Festival, we will cheer on the dancers, athletes, wrestlers, archers, horse riders and musicians. Tour around Ulaanbaatar city, wander on the grassland, sleep in traditional Gers, devour Mongolian barbecue in the grasslands, and experience the joy of Mongolia!


Mongolia Naadam Festival

Start in Ulaanbaatar:

Mon 06/07/2020

Finish in Ulaanbaatar:

Tue 14/07/2020
Tour code: MO200705
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4* Ulaanbaatar Holiday Inn

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3* Hustai Ger Camp or similar.

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3* Hoyor Zagal Ger Camp.

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